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Trail Updates

We are blazing a new trail for RIDERS ONLY connecting Maple Avenue to the rear of John Jay Homestead.

Please note the re-touted trail map for the Stone Hill Road and Coker area trails HERE.

All 16 BRLA bridges have been replaced or repaired.

The trails surrounding the Soros property remain closed until further notice.

Please contact us HERE if you have a trail issue to report.

Or visit our trail report forum HERE to view the latest trail updates.

Trail Initiatives

We are talking with landowners and local institutions to extend and expand our network of trails.

We are currently reviewing and repairing all jumps located on BRLA trails

If you have a bridge issue to report, please email us HERE.



  • No wheeled or motorized vehicles of any kind are allowed on the trails.
  • Stay on BRLA trails, indicated by yellow arrows, and adhere to all posted signs.
  • Observe the privacy of landowners when passing close to their homes.


  • No unleashed dogs are allowed on the trails at any time. Obey signs that say NO DOGS, or RIDERS ONLY.
  • Walkers, joggers and cross-country skiers, please slow down or stop when approaching horses. Make your presence known from a reasonable distance when approaching from behind. Horses can spook, posing a danger to the rider.


  • Always ask permission to pass another rider and then proceed slowly. 
  • Do not gallop in wet areas. Treat others’ property as you would your own.
  • On roads, ride single file and move to the side for passing cars. Thank drivers when they are courteous enough to reduce their speed for you.


Trail Signage is key to the success of our trail system. 

  • Green trail signs mark the transition from public roads to private land, open only to BRLA members.
  • Follow the yellow blazes as they mark the trails and keep members on the path.
  • No Riders signs mean the trail is closed to riders.
  • Riders Only signs mean the trails are closed to those not on horseback.

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