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Trail Updates - ONGOING

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  • 20 Jun 2022 9:32 AM
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    Bedford Riding Lanes Inc. (Administrator)

    [Pinney Wood / GUARD HILL Trail, June 2022] - Unfortunately, the trail between Guard Hill Rd and Pinney Woods (which follows along the former Limelight Farm driveway) will be temporarily closed for several weeks this summer due to people walking dogs off-leash.  THIS IS PROHIBITED on all BRLA trails. We will update when/if this trail re-opens.

  • 23 Feb 2022 3:09 PM
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    Bedford Riding Lanes Inc. (Administrator)

    Lyon Ridge Rd, Katonah (2021) - The trail at the end of the Lyon Ridge Rd cul de sac (which appears to connect to Reservoir Rd) is CLOSED permanently. It has not been removed from the map/app yet, please note it no longer exists.

    Last modified: 23 Feb 2022 3:09 PM | Bedford Riding Lanes Inc. (Administrator)
  • 14 Feb 2022 3:52 PM
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    Bedford Riding Lanes Inc. (Administrator)

    121 / Aspetong Trail (Jan 2022) - The long windy trail that runs from Aspetong Rd towards Bedford Village (to the intersection of 121 & Guard Hill) has been beautifully restored and is accessible from both directions

  • 14 Feb 2022 3:51 PM
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    Bedford Riding Lanes Inc. (Administrator)

    Trudy Lane CLOSED (Summer 2021) - The short driveway-backyard access off of Trudy Lane, (connecting the street to the trail that runs behind the property) has been closed.. Access to the trails behind this property can still be found on Millertown Road (closer to Stone Hill Rd), via Coker Farm's trails as well as the trailhead at the end of the Brook Farm Rd cul-de-sac. 

  • 14 Feb 2022 3:50 PM
    Reply # 12599402 on 10182854
    Bedford Riding Lanes Inc. (Administrator)

    Bedford Post Loop (Nov. 2021) - The trail loop behind the Bedford Post Inn is cleared and fully open. This trail also provides access to Pea Pond Rd. and crosses 121 toward Coker Farm and Ward Pound Ridge trail entrances

  • 14 Feb 2022 3:49 PM
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    Bedford Riding Lanes Inc. (Administrator)

    Firehouse Construction/Guard Hill Preserve (Fall 2021, ongoing) - Please note that during the construction of the new Bedford firehouse, the Guard Hill Preserve trail section immediately behind that area will be temporarily closed. Adjacent entrance at Shannon Stables on Guard Hill also temporarily closed.

  • 14 Feb 2022 3:39 PM
    Reply # 12599386 on 10182854
    Bedford Riding Lanes Inc. (Administrator)

    Narrows Loop (Jan 2022) - A small loop off of Narrows that winds around 1-2 properties and right back onto Narrows has been cleared and is now open.

  • 14 Feb 2022 3:39 PM
    Reply # 12599385 on 10182854
    Bedford Riding Lanes Inc. (Administrator)

    Harris Rd : New Gate - New Trail! ( Dec 2021) You may have noticed the new gate installed for BRLA members ONLY on Harris Rd. This trail accesses the area affectionately known as "The Simpson Trails" and "Beaver Dam Sanctuary" and offers riders a way to bypass the traffic on Harris Rd. Access is granted through a mobile app on your phone that opens the gate; members must request access and will be sent next steps once they do so.

  • 14 Feb 2022 3:35 PM
    Reply # 12599374 on 10182854
    Bedford Riding Lanes Inc. (Administrator)

    BALDWIN Rd to SUCCABONE Rd trail section IS OPEN! This beautiful trail section that snakes between Baldwin and Rt 172 has been restored and is OPEN as of Dec. 2021. Trail now differs slightly from the app layout near Baldwin opening.

  • 13 Jul 2021 9:52 AM
    Reply # 10748350 on 10182854
    Bedford Riding Lanes Inc. (Administrator)

    HARVEY TRAIL (July 2021) -- downed wires near Rt 22 exit from Harvey. Wires are DEAD - they are not live - but Verizon has not come to remove them yet. Riders can pass at their own comfort level. 

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